There. I said it three times. And publicly.  There is a deep longing within me to open to unspeakable places.  To welcome the unwelcome. Include the excluded. Embrace these underground disparate parts of self that don’t make it to the conversation table.  Why? Because these things are part of who I am and they matter to me. Greatly.  And these social conventions that say NO and wanna exclude and shame hold less and less weight for me. The need to be me and embrace the wholeness of who I am means too much to me.  I have fought my entire life for truth, and justice.  I have fought my entire life for the right to simply be me.  And I’m done with fighting.

I hear the many voices of NO that are deeply entrenched in this world we live in. That are represented so strongly in my my mother and my ex husband. But the truth is the war isn’t with these voices. The war has always been against myself. And I’m done with fighting.  I am ready to take my seat in myself and welcome it al with a resounding YES. I have these off the chart incredible orgasms. (And I want to talk about that seriously, somatically, naturally, uninhibited.)  And I hope you will still love me tomorrow for saying so. That saying so makes me no less intelligent. No less serious.  No less worthy to work in a professional field of work. No less worthy as a mother.

The text below was a post I placed on Facebook. I didn’t say it then but it was a milestone post for me. A triumph in that it was the first time I opened publicly the conversation on orgasm and sexuality. The first time I uttered the word “ORGASM” in social media. I wanna celebrate that moment here in this post. Here I am. Dodie Sobretodo. All of me.

What is the fascination with “orgasm” in this world. This sense that once we pass a threshold, the journey becomes no longer about the journey but about the race to orgasm. I noticed myself resisting the kiss the other day for fear that it would take me down a path that wasn’t my choosing. But I chose the kiss and dropped the story. I kissed him because I really wanted to kiss him and because I really love kissing. I kissed him with great intensity at times, softness at times and thoughtful moments of pause. Then when this dance was over we had the most magnificent hug I’ve ever experienced in my life. So soft in intensity yet so deeply rooted. I don’t know that I’d ever felt so at home in the arms of another. The point is that I love to kiss, and I love to hold hands and I love to hug and I love orgasm. But in no particular order. I love that a kiss doesn’t need to mean a certain crescendo to orgasm in the course of a night or a lifetime. Because if it did I might have missed out on that most unforgettable hug that impressed me so. What does this have to do with Soul Motion? To me everything. IMG_0527


  1. My awakening diaries

    I just LOVE this post.
    Thank you for your humanity and authenticity and embracement of the flesh in such a beautiful spiritual way. Opening up and having the courage to express how you feel, that few people are able to. I love it. I really do. Thanks for being real. We need more of this. Your post touched me because you made me feel what you conveyed. Well done. Thank you x

  2. flowersforthemoon

    Dodie, your post exemplifies everything that bloigging means to me..Talking about things that we have been told to hide and be ashamed of. I love the story within the story of dropping your resistence and finding the awesomness of the hug…Keeping being courageous with your words..You are doing so well.

  3. caw

    This invites me to fully accept my own private thoughts and insights on great chasm that is sexuality, love and intimacy. To me, reading your story and hearing your voice is like saying Namaste. It’s acknowledging the fear, the vulnerability and the courage in us all. It leaves me craving more pages of your book! Seconds please!!!!

    1. Dodie Post author

      I love what you’ve said in your comment. I think alot of what I’m hoping for in speaking out on sex and intimacy in a real and vulnerable way is to encourage and normalize these conversations. What I’m hearing from you in this comment is an open and honest dialogue with self. Which absolutely thrills me. And yes, there is more, so much more I want to say on this! Since opening up this discussion on sex I have heard amazing things from amazing people about sex and orgasm. I will absolutely continue to speak my stories and share the stories of others. Namaste.


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