Reacting to Objects: Mindfulness, Tech and Emotion

I think that this practice of taking body awareness of the yoga mat and dance studios is really where it’s at. The integration of body awareness to the real world and our everyday activities is where we get real traction with these practice. Everything becomes this portal in to more meaningfully lead life. Thank you for sharing your embodied experience.

Museum in a Bottle

There’s been a lot of discussion about mindful looking and unplugging in museums of late. By pure coincidence, I’ve been thinking about looking at objects while traveling over the last 2 months, developing an understanding of how mindfulness and technology work together for me to connect emotionally with museum objects.

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2 thoughts on “Reacting to Objects: Mindfulness, Tech and Emotion

  1. Laura

    I was at Open Project Night at HUB Ottawa. I really enjoyed your interventions in the 2 & 3D modelling group. The next day I was walking to work and I looked up at this beautiful sky and thought wow – any time I feel stuck or uninspired I could just look up and be filled with wonder and curiousity. Then I realized that’s exactly what you’d been saying with the ABCs. So, belated thank you. Love the way you use words to reimagine what’s possible. 😊

    1. Dodie Post author

      Hi Laura, I was so pleased to see your comment here. So happy to hear about your “wow” moment & the recognition that wow can be accessible with just a slight head tilt upwards. Thanks so much for that feedback.


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