The Business of Hugging

This morning I was at the daycare dropping off my son. As I sat with him, over breakfast I witnessed something so incredibly touching. There were two separate children in tears. And I watched as the daycare staff scooped these children up into a tight embrace. How these children yielded to the support. How they wrapped their arms around these trusted adults. How these adults offered love and support and embrace and space to cry. The sight of this nearly brought me to tears.

It struck me how fortunate it is that there are places and people that are in the business of embracing the child. That I can drop my son off at his daycare and know that I can trust that he will be scooped and up and held by the staff there as needed. How their willingness to hold my son, holds me in my ability to walk out the door of the daycare day after day. So that my body can soften and relax into the work I need to do. So that my son, can soften into the life he’s meant to live and relax into the work he needs to do. That as he grows older the remembrance of these hugs may allow him to hold and receive the cries of another.  And allow him to be soft and cry and be held in the arms of the another as needed.  That the remembrance of these hugs will allow him to hold and receive the immensity of his own potential.

I hold space for the potential of more and more moments like these in this world. Moments where we can soften around one another.  Moments where we can allow ourselves to be held. Moments where we can do the holding.  Moments that offer sanctuary for the cries of the soft body.  Where we can relax and find the ground to rise up and do the work we are all meant to be doing. There is such potency for our humanity in moments like these and I speak for them because they are precious and worth paying attention to.

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